Invitation Sequences step-by-step guide

IMP Prerequisite : Install Chrome Extension and Login to your account (How to?

  1. Classify your sequences appropriately.

    • Enter an appropriate sequence name for your reference.

    • Now, in order to reach out to new target audience (i.e. 2nd & 3rd degree connection) you have to select Invitation as sequence type.

  2. Find your target audience with a LinkedIn search (LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator)

    • When crafting your search, make sure to only target people outside your network (2nd and/or 3rd degree connections), but not to people inside your network (1st degree connections).

    • Keep your search to approximately 1,000 results or less. No matter how many results populate within a search, LinkedIn only allows you to access the first 1,000.

    • If your search query has more than 1,000 results just add the same search multiple time in target audience so that once 1000 results are reached tool will take the 2nd search audience and send request to new people in list.

  3. Copy the URL from your LinkedIn search and paste it into Lead Connect, then press enter.

    • If URL is valid tool will accept the URL else will show appropriate Error.

    • Lead Connect does not support "Saved searches/Employees-of-company" URLs from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your entire target audience has been captured.

    • There is no limit on the number of URL’s a sequence can hold.

    • There is no cause for concern should the same person appear in multiple URL’s. Lead Connect keeps record of everyone who is enrolled in a sequence to ensure no person is double enrolled (messaged).

    • When tool will run out of target audience it will show warning sign as well.

  5. Create your sequence of messages/Cadence.

    • The first step within your sequence should be a ‘connect’ if your target audience is outside your network (2nd and/or 3rd degree connections). All subsequent steps should be a ‘message’. 

    • Set your delays.

    • Save.

  6. Set the number of daily enrollments for your sequence and click start.

    • People Enrolled Per Day Limit: Relevant for Invitation sequence (for followups no credits are required).
    • Message per Day Limit: Relevant for 1st Degree sequence (If type selected is: 1st degree sequence).
    • PS: For Invitation sequence where first step is to connect, "Message per Day Limit" is not applicable and will be non editable and will be set to 0.
  7. Check the responses section daily.

    • Once someone responds (sends you a message on LinkedIn) they are un-enrolled from the sequence i.e. Lead Connect discontinues messaging them, unless you delete the detected response.

    • Click on the ‘conversation’ link to be taken directly to the LinkedIn messaging area so you can read the response and manually craft a reply.

    • You can keep sending the followups even after response is received by deleting the response from "Responses" Tab before the next followup is scheduled to go out.

    • If you want to stop sending further followup even if someone has not responded on LinkedIn, you can go to Scheduled Followups section and Click on Skip Followups for that prospect.

If you have any concerns please free to get in touch on