1st Degree Messaging Sequences step-by-step guide:

  1. Classify your sequences appropriately.

    • Enter an appropriate sequence name for your reference.

    • Now,in order to reach out to audience already in your network (i.e 1st degree connection) you have to select 1st Degree Message as sequence type.

  2. Find your target audience with a LinkedIn search (LinkedIn Basic and Sales Navigator)

    • When crafting your search, make sure to only target  people inside your network (1st degree connections), but not to people outside your network (2nd and/or 3rd degree connections).

    • Keep your search to approximately 1,000 results or less. No matter how many results populate within a search, LinkedIn only allows you to access the first 1,000.

  3. Copy the URL from your LinkedIn search and paste it into Lead Connect, then press enter.

  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your entire target audience has been captured.

    • There is no limit on the number of URL’s a sequence can hold.

    • There is no cause for concern should the same person appear in multiple URL’s. Lead Connect keeps record of everyone who is enrolled in a sequence to ensure no person is double enrolled (messaged).

  5. Create your sequence of messages.

    • As your target audience is inside your network (1st degree connections), the first step and all subsequent steps should be a ‘message’.

    • Set your delays.

    • Save.

  6. Set the number of daily enrollments for your sequence and click start.

  7. Check the responses section daily.

    • Once someone responds (sends you a message on LinkedIn) they are unenrolled from the sequence i.e. Lead Connect discontinues messaging them.

    • Click on the ‘conversation’ link to be taken directly to the LinkedIn messaging area so you can read the response and manually craft a reply.

PS: Prospect Blacklist does not work for this type of sequence, all the people (other than currently being enrolled in any other sequence) will be reached out.