Prospecting step-by-step guide:

Once your lead has been qualified, you can add the prospect to Hubspot CRM using Lead Connect’s native integration. You have to just perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have set-up API keys required on the extension’s “Integrations Page”. (Ref: How to Integrate Lead Connect with HubSpot

  2. Open the LinkedIn profile of the lead you want to add as a prospect to Hubspot.

  3. Click on LC Extension.

    • You will see a tabular window pop-up from the top of the window with all the necessary details automatically filled from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

    • If business emails aren’t available you can find them using the Email Finder integrations (Like Email Hunter, Skrapp, Find That Lead etc)  provided by Lead Connect.

  4. You can even change details captured by us in case you want to change them and finally click on the “Prospect” button at the end of the popup. On Successful creation of prospect, you will see the message like “New contact has been created and associated with the existing company”.

  5. Now, every conversation that you do with the prospect on LinkedIn will be logged on to Hubspot automatically as long as you have our extension installed.